Real-time Electronic Logging Software

Designed to easily track work authorities, notifications, and all industrial events 

Log your story as it happens.

Paper logs make it difficult to add new events to existing stories. Other electronic logging programs can be difficult to follow allowing some events to fall through the cracks. Variable Log allows you to log events grouped together as stories in an electronic logbook to ensure you never miss important information.

Minimize your effort. Maximize your results.

Learning and implementing a new software program can be a nightmare. But not with Variable Log. Variable Log lets you use the same logging language that you already know and like. Or, change it to improve and expand your process. The power and control are in your hands.

Use the workstation or device that's right for you.
Variable Log runs in any Web browser on any computer or device, and it scales to fit any screen size. So accessibility is never an issue whether you use a PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. Mix and match devices across your company, and watch logbooks update in real time.
Simple. Secure. Accountable. Compliant. All in Real Time.
Variable Log is easy to setup and use. Unique sign-in credentials for each user keep it secure. Storing all log entries keeps your employees accountable and your company compliant. And everything is saved and tracked as you enter it, keeping you up-to-date and ready to go.

Our Story

A large electric utility company had recently switched from paper logs to a cumbersome electronic logging program with a steep learning curve. Clearly, this program was not going to work. We designed an electronic logbook program that was versatile and flexible enough to work for any company. If you take logs, record important events, or need to pass information from one shift to another, our program can make your job easier and tracking work more efficient.


Minimum System Requirements

Web Server with php 7.0 or greater
SQL database from one of these platforms:
Microsoft SQL Server

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