About Variable Log:

Variable Log was developed on our own time after a failed attempt by our employer to find a suitable electronic logging program. Variable Log was born from the desire to have a logging program that was easy to use and also customize-able to work for any logging situation.  We've dramatically reduced the amount of time it requires to log events, by creating endlessly adaptable log entry templates.


About PMCT:

PMCT is owned and operated by Pam and Matthew Emerson. PMCT, a woman-owned, veteran-owned, small business, is dedicated to reshaping the electronic logbook into an operator-friendly program. This focus on the operator results in an easy to read, easy to search, intuitive electronic Log Book that makes tracking outstanding work, trouble items, or any other events simple. Layered on top of this is the ability to customize logging templates, tag entries with keywords, and receive automatic e-mail notifications. The founders of PMCT have over 20 years of experience logging real-time events in both the United States Navy and the civilian utility industry. These veterans are hard at work ensuring a better future for logging.

News & Information:

2 March 2020 - PMCT, LLC Announces Burbank Water & Power Has Deployed Variable Log as Its Electronic Logging Software