Log entries are made using log templates, which can be created using industry standard language, or language specific to your company. Since you are in charge of creating templates, you choose every aspect of your electronic logbook.


Dramatically reduce the time you spend logging. You don't need to be tech savvy to take advantage of the built-in shortcuts. Templates decrease the amount of text that needs to be entered by users. Optional drop-down lists provide continuity of language across all users, but you still have the flexibility to insert unique text into the fields.

Requires Limited Training

Variable Log is so easy to learn, you'll be entering logs into our electronic logbook in no time. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Whether you've been logging for years, or are brand new, you can start logging with Variable Log right away.

Fully Searchable

Easily locate any information with the search function. Search individual log books for key words or log entries, or search all log books at once. Filter results further and find just what you were looking for.


Want to add a document or image to a sub-entry? Drag-and-drop any file to the sub-entry to attach it for easy access later. Attach as many files as you want, with no file size limit.


Want a hard copy of a Log Entry? No problem. Easily print log entries, as well as the revision history of entries and sub-entries. Just another way to audit changes to your log book.


All entries and changes in Variable Log are attributed to the user. Easily track changes, and be assured that all changes are recorded and saved. Maintaining compliance and preparing for audits just got simpler.

Dark Theme

Some industries operate in darker environments. Variable Log includes a user-selectable dark theme to allow for logging without eye strain or shock. Just two clicks and the theme can be toggled on or off. 

Built-in Help

Along with a very detailed help file, Variable Log has help buttons throughout every aspect of the application. Help is never very far away.